User Guide - Cron Management


The cron management module developed by Naxa Digital serves to provide a way for merchants to manage their crons without the need of technical knowledge. Magento’s crons run a number of unneeded tasks that take up server resources, this extension provides reads all crons running for Magento and provides the ability to disable whichever crons the merchant desires.

How it Works

The extension reads the current crons available to Magento. The module then allows the merchant to select the crons to disable.

We have found that these crons still run when they do not need to. By disabling the unncessary crons, your online store should performance greater than before.


To configure the extension, go to Admin Panel → Naxa → Cron Management. This will take you to the settings page:


Enable: Here is where you can enable/disable the extension.

Cron Jobs: Here is where the list of active cron jobs are read. Select the jobs you which to DISABLE. The remaining cron will stay active. Hold CTRL for multi-select.